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If cookie-cutter homes just don't cut it for you, we'd like to introduce ourselves.


We're a family-owned business in Southwest Missouri that's been around since 1990. Our family has been in the construction industry for three generations, which means we've built a solid foundation of custom home-building expertise.

Whether the home of your dreams is big or small, in the country or the suburbs -- we're up to the task. If you want to throw aside the limits that come with fixed-price homes to make your unique vision a reality that fits your budget, we're right there with you.


Additionally, we do it all -- from framing and trimming to concrete and electrical. So, you can leave worries about hiring subcontractors behind.

Throughout the entire process, we'll make sure you're not left in the dark about where your money is going, either. Instead of sending nothing more than a bill after your home is built, we'll show you every last receipt along the way. Whether the total is thousands of dollars or only 59 cents, you're going to see how every last penny was spent.


Ready to start building your own custom home?

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